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June 28, 2022

GreenBox POS CEO Letter to Shareholders

GreenBox POS (NASDAQ: GBOX) ("GreenBox" or the "Company"), an emerging and rapidly growing financial technology company, today announced a CEO letter to shareholders.

Commentary by Chief Executive Officer, Fredi Nisan

As I look at how far we matured our company over the years, and over the past twelve months, I am filled with a sense of encouragement for our future and pride in our accomplishments. In the face of a global pandemic, socio-political unrest, economic turmoil, foreign policy challenges, and shifting technologies that sometimes fail real-life tests, GreenBox continues to stand head and shoulders above the competitive landscape. In this letter to our valued Shareholder community, you will see how we remain confident in our continued ability to build an impressive company, globalizing our robust technology platforms, intellectual property rights, and ability to earn, raise and deploy capital, both internally and by way of M&A activities. We remain committed to driving tangible value for the benefit of our customers, investors, and staff.

No doubt, we are keenly aware of volatile changes in the competitive landscape and business environment that have left numerous organizations rethinking their strategy. Nonetheless, we remain laser-focused on the long-term execution of our business strategy, with steadfast confidence in our highly differentiated technology. Our commitment to driving shareholder value is not, and should not, be affected by short-term changes in the company share price. Our belief is that when you build a great company, the stock price will take care of itself. It is our responsibility to not only focus on this mission but also to clearly communicate to all stakeholders how we plan on achieving it. As such, this is the primary reason we are issuing this letter, where we detail the following topics:


Company financial standing

Technology review

Business operation review

Stock price

Marketing and branding plan

In closing

Download the PDF to read the full press release.