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In an ever-evolving payment landscape, RYVYL is your trusted partner and solution. With our suite of offerings, we believe there is a solution for all problems across all industries. Take a deep dive into the solutions we offer and how they would apply to your business.

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RYVYL offers a multitude of blockchain encoded payment processing solutions for individuals and businesses alike. Our platform offerings span different verticals and industries that all focus on the same goal, streamlining payments with intuitive blockchain technology.


  • Support a plethora of different currencies
  • Currently processing in the US, CAN, EU, UK*
  • 10+ banking partners
  • Partnerships with Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, China Union Pay
  • Near-real time attestation on our stablecoin platform
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In today's modern world, business moves quickly and so should your money. With our combination of platforms, RYVYL offers Banking as a Service solutions that allow you to move money at internet speed to keep the momentum you've created working in your favor. Utilize RYVYL's APIs to build banking like offerings on our regulated infrastructure to unlock bank-level tools for your business.

  • IBANs and virtual accounts
  • Payment transfers and remittance
  • Compelling fee structure
  • Compliance with KYC and AML
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Our stablecoin and platform, coyni, is fully backed 1:1 by the US Dollar and is attested in near real time. Our platform was built with these in mind, giving individuals and businesses the ability to cash out funds 24/7/365**. It's your money and you should be in control.

The coyni platform also offers:

  • An intelligent wallet design
  • Real time insights into your spending
  • Manage who can access information
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Integrate our white label platform as part of your business and enjoy the benefits from managing transactions to merchant onboarding. Our white label solution is a digital solution to an analog problem. It offers custodial assurance by utilizing a stablecoin and unique blockchain technology in a closed-loop ecosystem allowing for flexibility. Some of the most exciting features that you can take advantage of as part of the white label service include:

  • Monitor Transactions
  • Control Refunds
  • Review Chargebacks
  • Timely Deposits
  • Intelligent Wallet
  • Daily Insights

*RYVYL processes in the US and Canada. Transact Europe processes in the EU and UK.

**This excludes down time, outages and other elements outside our control.


Have an issue that you think we can help you solve? Email us and we will have one of our customer success members contact you to set up a call!