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Fredi Nisan has served as a Director and our Chief Executive Office since July 2017, and has been a principal of the Company since August 2017. In May 2016, Nisan founded Firmness, LLC. Through Firmness, Nisan created “QuickCitizen,” a software program that simplifies the onboarding process for new clients of law firms specializing in immigration issues. The QuickCitizen software significantly reduced law firm’s onboarding processing time from more than three hours to approximately fifteen minutes. In January 2010, Nisan launched Brava POS, where he served as President until 2015. Brava POS provided point of sale (“POS”) systems for specialty retail companies. Nisan developed software to provide clients with solutions for issues ranging from inventory management to payroll to processing high volume transactions in the form of a cloud-based POS system. This system had the capability to manage multiple stores with centralized inventory and process sales without an internet connection, and offered a secure login for each employee, as well as including advanced inventory management and reporting, plus powerful functionality for its end users.  From January 2007 until November 2017, Nisan worked for One Coach, in San Diego, CA, as a business coach. One Coach specializes in customized growth solutions for small business owners, including the latest strategies for sales, internet marketing, branding and ROI. Nisan was consistently ranked as the top salesperson for small business coaching while working with One Coach.