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An experienced software leader, talented architect, and certified agile coach, Pavani Ponnala — RYVYL’s vice president of development portfolio — oversees all RYVYL deliverables, managing a 200-person team leveraging blockchain and stablecoin technologies to reinvent the future of financial transactions.

Possessing deep software development, product management and leadership knowledge, she steers our delivery team as it creates and innovates using leading-edge technologies. As the single point of contact on four main RYVYL projects, Ponnala effectively bridges the gap between what is promised and what is possible, never missing an internal development deadline. In her role, she reports directly to the CTO, supporting her team by tracking timeline progress and managing technical issues to create a financial solution that provides benefits for everyone to enjoy freely.

With nearly two decades of technical project management expertise, Ponnala served as the project manager, technical lead or senior technical project manager at numerous organizations, including Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Verimatrix, Cisco, and mobiTV, before joining the RYVYL team. Utilizing expertise gained in previous positions equipped Ponnala to transition into a senior technical project manager role with RYVYL. She quickly rose to her current role due to her exemplary organizational skills, attention to detail, promptness, and wealth of industry knowledge.

Drawn to RYVYL by its outstanding company culture, unique blockchain technology and payment gateway products like coyni, POS and TEU FX applications, she seeks to succeed with coyni, expanding and integrating all other applications and businesses to the platform to generate the highest amount of revenue.

Ponnala credits two individuals as her professional and personal inspiration — Michael Jordan, who was incredibly talented and willing to work harder than the competition to achieve his goals, and Mother Theresa, who dedicated her life to helping those less fortunate. Ponnala hopes that one day she can reflect on her life and feel the same way. Self-described as enthusiastic, confident, and friendly, she loves to spend time cooking, silently meditating, practicing yoga, gardening, and spending time with her two children and husband. Outside of work, she is an Art of Living Club member and is the managing director and founder of orphanages for physically disabled females in India and children with parents convicted of crimes.

Leveraging in-depth practical knowledge and expertise, Ponnala obtained her master’s degree in computer science and has a post-graduate degree in computer applications. She is also certified as a SAFe® product owner, product manager, and mobile app developer.